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Become  A Part Of National Revolution, Dare To Be A Part Of  A Great Change Through Export. Let's Make Nigeria An Exporting Nation Rather Than The Import Dumping Ground It Is Already.

Get Rich Quality Export Training.  Become a Government Licensed Exporter With Ease. Do Business With Europe, Asia and The Rest Of The World.

Export non-oil commodities like  Sesame SeedHardwood Charcoal,  Cassava,  Cashew NutsGum ArabicHibiscusGingerPKS, Lead Ore, Zinc Ore etc.

Learn What to Export 
Where to Get What to Export 
How To Get Foreign Buyers For Your Exports
                            Earn Hard Currency                                              

Come take advantage of the many opportunities that exist in the non-oil export sector and rake in profit consistently. 

Learn About: 

Export Planning 
Product Sourcing 
Discover How To Make Export Offer 
Get A List Of Potential Buyers 
Discover Payment Methods That Can Benefit You 
Learn How To Profit Indeed and Lots More... 

Get Informative Training Materials, Good Follow Up And Advisory Service Even After The Training At  No Additional Cost.

All you need to do is call or send an email to fix a TRAINING APPOINTMENT. Make Payment At The Bank And Come On The Day Of The Training With Your Deposit Slip.

You also have the option of paying at our office provided you call first to fix a Training Appointment.

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When it comes to export speak to us first and you can’t go wrong, we under promise but surely OVER DELIVER!

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Nigeria’s non-oil export up by 50% – NEPC

Nigeria earned a staggering $3 Billion (Yes, dollars!) from non-oil exports in 2011. About N468 Billion (Source: Nigerian Export Promotion Council). Actually, the real figure might be far more than the $3 billion above. Why? Well, you will agree that we are not yet the best at keeping accurate records. 

Below are figures for non-oil Exports from a recent year:
Product FOB Value
1. Cocoa & Cocoa Preparations $417,900,987
2. Processed Leather $333,011,697
3. Rubber $143,871,586
4. Cashew Nuts & Edible Fruits $55,363,190
5. Plastics, Polybags $53,491,233
6. Sesame Seeds & Oil $104,054,165
7. Aluminum & Articles $64,022,090
8. Sea Foods $48,141,669
9. Cotton Yarns & Woven Fabrics $31,754,740
10. Gum Arabic $37,154,951
11. Others $539,934,012


Dear Prospective Exporter,

My name is Kemi Adeyemi and Im the CEO Digitz Export, a duly registered company that focuses on demystifying business, revealing profits without undermining professionalism! We are also licensed to carry out formal export activities by the Federal Government through Nigerian Export Promtion Council.   

I am inviting you to a highly informative Export Training that can help you become a government licensed and successful exporter. I invite you to come share in our wealth of knowledge and experience in export business in Nigeria.  

If you have been observant lately you would have noticed that there’s been some measure of export information flying all over the place. A good number of these information you’ll find in form of adverts or interview in Punch, The Sun, The Nation Newspaper etc. In all, the interviews are usually quite revealing but leave the interested reader wondering where to start from.

What such interviews achieve is simply this: 

Yes, it is possible to do export business in Nigeria and it is indeed lucrative but how to start and where to start from, they don't tell.

I call that export awareness and it is very okay but to become an exporter you need far more than that and what you really need you can’t get from a newspaper interview alone.

You need a ‘hold me by the hand, step by step, rich and quality information on export.’  That’s where we come in, that’s where you need us and that’s why we are offering you an uncommon Export Group Training or One-On-One Training not a crowded seminar.


Export Story...
We ventured into exports due to deep seated interest. For so long we desired to go into export business but didn't have a clue. Because that desire remained intact, with some action, we soon figured it out.
A good part of this knowledge we have acquired from some years of practice. We have since shipped several containers outside the country. For example, from FC alone, we've made profit of between N500,000- 1,000,000 per container i.e when we send out just 5 containers we made profit of  N5,000,000 on average - within a period of 6 weeks. At Digitz, we have also helped our clients achieve similar result.

We are going to teach you how you can change your financial story forever. Just like we've done, just like several other Nigerians like you have done and just as several other Nigerians like you will do. Learn how to take advantage of the many opportunities that exist in the non-oil export sector and rake in profits consistently. 

What's more? This is a business you can start small and grow big doing - even when you lack lots of capital there's still a way you can strategically position yourself for profit. 


There are three entry points in export business, you can come in as:
1. Manufacturing Exporter,       
2. Export Merchant and 
3. Export Agent.

How you come in depend largely on different factors e.g. capital, availability of product, product sourcing skills etc. Let’s take a closer look at the different entry points below-

Export Agent: This is the man who has a good understanding of how export business is done, knows how to get foreign buyers and local suppliers/sellers. He makes his money from the commission he gets from linking buyer and seller together in export. As an export agent, he needs more of common sense than capital in order to make it in export business.

Export Merchant: An exporter who buys goods or products from manufacturers and producers within the country for export to different parts of the world. He is concerned with product sourcing that agrees with the specification his buyer demands. He makes good profit and has the capacity to increase his volume of transaction for juicier reward.

Manufacturing Exporter: A company which apart from manufacturing certain products is also exporting the product. This company might sell the same product for local consumption but also sells the same in other countries too for profit. Examples of such companies are Unilever, 7UP Bottling Company, PZ etc.
There’s a place for everyone who desires to do export in this country, you can start small and grow big with time, start as an export merchant and if you want to take it a step further you can grow to become a manufacturing exporter.

EXPORTABLES: What You Can Export From Nigeria To Different Parts Of The World.
  1. Sesame Seed
  2. Dried Hibiscus (Zobo)
  3. Hardwood Charcoal
  4. Raw Cashew Nuts
  5. PKS
  6. Crude Palm oil
  7. Gum Arabic
  8. Cassava
  9. Shea Butter
  10. Coconut 
  11. Solid Minerals like Lead Ore, Zinc Ore, Mica etc
       and lots more...

How We Can Assist You?
At Digitz Business Solutions Ltd our aim is to help point you in the right direction where export is concern. Export is truly lucrative but it is not what you can jump into without proper guidance and adequate information that ensures you end up profiting indeed without getting your fingers burnt!  In short you need sound training and that is what we are offering you!

Let me walk you through some of what you stand to benefit by being a part of this impactful training:

  • Become A Trained, Government Licensed Exporter With Ease.
  • Introduction to Export Business opportunities.
  • Introduction to the export of Agricultural Commodities and Solid Minerals.
  • Discover export success strategies and make sure profit for real!
  • Discover how you can successfully profit from exporting to Europe, America and Asia.
  • Learn how to start small, grow big and profit more.
  • Learn Export Contract sourcing strategies.
  • Learn proper export planning.
  • Understand product sourcing options.
  • Understand International trade risks and payment methods.
  • Understand pre & post export documentation.
  • Also learn how to make more millions where capital is not a problem.
  • Get a chance to become a member of Export Leverage Club (ELC) and leverage your way to wealth doing business with nations!
  • You become your own boss.
  • Easy to understand, you don't need a degree to become an exporter.
  • Good ROI of 25- 50%.
  • You can start small and grow big.
  • Freedom to move at your own pace.
  • Enjoy short turnaround period and good ROI
  • It's not time consuming so you have free time for other things
  • Room for expansion
  • Discover export success strategies and make good profits in foreign currency for real!
  • Discover how you can get more than enough business to do. 
  • Learn how to avoid certain pitfalls in export business
  • Discover what Exporters and Export consultants dont want you to know even when you pay big to attend  their training!
  • Use export to take charge of your life, your finances and time, live the life of your dreams
  • Enjoy Good Follow up And Advisory Service even after the training at no additional cost.

Group Training (class of 5-25 People): N35,000 each
One-On-One Training (One person, at most 4): N100,000 each
Executive Training: We can bring the training to you right where you are- office, club, group, church, meeting, co-operative society, in Lagos or outside Lagos. Simply call to get the price for our Executive Training.

For any of the training options, call 08181411557, 08033792673 or send an email to to fix a training appointment.

Fee: N35,000 (Group) OR N100,000 (1-on-1) [We Charge Far Less and Give More]
Bank: Ecobank Plc
Account Name: Digitz Business Solutions Ltd
Account Number: 4142017475

After payment, Send an email to  with the following information:
  1. Name of Depositor.
  2. Date Paid.
  3. Branch Paid into.
  4. Amount Paid.
  5. Deposit Slip Number (Teller Number) and
  6. Phone Number.
Once payment is confirmed, it's then up to you to show up on the training day.

Contact Us:
Digitz Business Solutions Ltd.
Office: 67 Awolowo Way Ikeja, Lagos.
Call:   08181411557, 08033792673 to fix a training appointment.


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Come take advantage of the many opportunities that exist in the non-oil export sector and rake in profit consistently.

There’s a place for everyone who desires to become an exporter in this country,  it’s possible to start small and grow big or start big and grow bigger. Even when you lack capital theres still a way you can strategically position yourself and still make money in export. All that is needed is the right and adequate knowledge applied.

When it comes to export speak to us first and you can’t go wrong, we under promise but surely OVER DELIVER! This is not a crowded seminar, we focus on you!